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Dua Lipa Continues To Show Off Her Naked Body

Pop star Dua Lipa appears to start the new year off by continuing to flaunt her naked body, as you can see in the selfie photos above.

Dua Lipa ass

Like most infidel women, Dua Lipa is clearly obsessed with the idea of getting her backdoor blasted hard by us virile Muslim men… And she hopes that by constantly whoring herself in these types of slutty photos, she will eventually convince a Muslim to pulverize her posterior with the powerful thrusts of his enormous meat scud.

Unfortunately for Dua the only banging she is going to get out of us Muslims will come from the Sharia stones of justice… Which will certainly send her “levitating” when they strike her with a righteous fury for these crimes against morality.

Dua Lipa bikini

Yes, Dua can pack up her perky milk pecks and sloppy shit box, for she is certainly unworthy of being a receptacle for our holy Islamic seed.

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