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When you were a teenager and all the girls like Claire Danes getting lustful were obsessing over Leonardo DeCaprio in that god awful movie version of Romeo and Juliet we got Claire Danes but no where near as lustful as Margot Robbie ex-girlfriend, well I can guarantee you every man was salivating over his leading lady, Claire Danes. Fast forward how many years? And Claire Danes is still the cream of the crop in the lustful department. With a luscious body unlike any other and hair so blonde you want to spin a sweater out of it, Claire Danes is sure to please even the grumpiest dude.

Intriguing Butt & Titties Pics of Claire Danes

But really, this chick has been in so many movies, and she has, guaranteed, won you over with her cute little smile and excellent British accent.But that’s not all she’s won you over with. I mean, just look at that body of hers. Wow oh wow. Now Claire Danes doesn’t have the biggest boobs, admittedly, but she rocks what she does have, never being afraid to give a little peak. And then her ass is totally worth noting. I mean, ramming that from behind would be a pleasure, really.


If I could have one wish, it would be to fuck Claire Danes. But since I am but a horny internet traveler going from site to site, these photos will have to be enough for now.

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