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Annette Bening is such a sex fiend lustful in the movie, The Grifter. Now, if you don’t know what a grifter is, it’s a word for someone that cons a dying person with “love” or favors to get their money. Annette plays a grifter who dates another grifter. It’s a lot of grifting, sex, anger, and deception for this woman, and she looks lustful while doing it.

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  1. 092-annette-bening-the-grifters-avi

Now maybe it’s just me, but this actress is highly underrated. I mean, just look at that body, that acting, that gorgeous dirty blonde hair.

I mean, fuck. There are so many things I’d like to do to that woman. With tits like that, I’d be down for a good motorboating. Or give that ass a nice little spanking as I ram her from behind.


Nude as hell, you know she’s gotta be a slut. I mean if Annette Bening is able to play such a crazy con artist, who’s to say she’s not one in real life.

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